Road to Soft Launch!

We’re almost ready to bring everyone into the world of Spin Racers but if you’re in Malaysia, lucky you! Head on the Apple App Store and get ready to rumble. If you’d like to be the first to try out Spin Racers and help us on out on this journey, register to be a beta tester today!

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Meet the team at 27Rabbits!

“Should be fine…”

James Bailey
James BaileyGame Developer

“I tend not to say much because I strive to make my art do it for me.”

Chaili Se
Chaili SeGame Artist

“The games industry is evolving and it’s time for us to step it up. Let’s save it from those giving it a bad name.”

Shazy Noorazman
Shazy NoorazmanGame Producer

“Always strive towards perfection. I say ‘towards’ because perfection is the unreachable and yet it is always right in front of us.”

Noel Allan
Noel AllanGame Designer

“How hard can it be?”

Marc Chen
Marc ChenGame Designer

“Reality is broken, let us game developers fix it.”

Swastik Soni
Swastik SoniGame Developer

“No games, no life.”

Eugene Chua
Eugene ChuaIntern

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